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    Places to Visit in the Philippines

    By / August 12, 2015

    The Philippines is a Southeast Asia country located in the Western Pacific, and it has approximately 7, 000 islands. Its sprawling capital i.e. Manila is very popular for its waterfront promenade and centuries- old Chinatown. This country is home to the baroque 16th- century Agustin Church and Fort Santiago a military prison and storied citadel. Philippine is inhabited by friendly people as well as many indigenous tribes. Typically, from marvelous natural wonders and pristine beaches to interesting pre- historic sites and once- in- a- lifetime experiences, this country pack very numerous exciting things to see as well as do. Look out the following places to visit while you’re on a trip to this country.

    Places to Visit in the Philippines

    #1: Tubbataha Reef:-Philippines 02

    The Tubbataha Reef, which is in the Sulu Sea, is simply a marine sanctuary that is protected under Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. This reef consists of two atolls i.e. South Atoll and North Atoll. The two Atolls have been separated by a very deep channel of about five miles wide. The Tubbataha Reef is among the most famous dive sites in this country due to its coral walls whereby the shallow coral reefs abruptly end paving way to the Reef’s great depths. The park is often open to living -aboard diving excursions between months of May to July since this is the time when waves are calm.

    #2: San Agustin Church:-

    A visit to San Agustin Church which is located in Manila is a must while you’re on a trip to this country. Built in the year 1589, this church has survived two fires and seven earthquakes over a century, and it remains as one of the oldest stone church in the Philippines. At its main entrance, you’ll see exquisite carvings on its wooden doors.

    #3: Mayon Volcano:-

    Philippines 03Rising more than 2,000 meters (8, 000 feet) above the sea level the volcano is very significant because of its perfectly symmetrical cone shape. While on a visit to this volcano, you will get to enjoy very many activities taking place there including hiking, climbing, camping, photography and watching. Note that Mayon Volcano is considered the most active volcano in this country and it has erupted over forty times in the past 40 decades.

    #4: Malapascua Island:-

    This is a small island made up of very quiet fishing villages. The island is popular since it’s the only place that you can visit and see the thresher sharks.

    Last, but not least, as you’ve seen, you cannot miss a place to visit while you’re on a trip to the Philippines. Ensure that you visit the places mentioned above while you’re on a trip to the Philippines. Thank you.…

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