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    Various Places To Buy Designer PH Lamp

    By / December 12, 2016

    When Poul Henningsen designed this lamp, he did not know that the piece would be famous and known all over the world. If you mention designer lamps in high-end places, the Danish PH lamp will appear on top of the suggestions. Well then, when it comes at a time that you wish to buy, the question of where arises. One of the best option is to visit the 122 design website for a wide selection of original Danish Poul Henningsen’s lamps. This article, therefore, seeks to enlighten you on reliable places you can find the lamp.

    Places to buy the PH lamp


    There is nowhere better to purchase the lamp like online. For guaranteed authenticity and a feel that the piece was bought from its original land, the Danish websites offer the best pieces that can be shipped all over the world. Therefore, where you are will not be a problem. When shopping for the lamp, one need to understand that they come in different designs but none compromises the original Poul Henningsen’s concept. They are in the form of ceiling pendant, table lamp, and even the wall mount type.


    Care must be taken while purchasing online since some vendors supply the counterfeit versions of the lamp. Therefore, research before settling on certain websites. Check for clues that can hint the reliability of the vendor. If there is doubt, the options are many.

    From authorized local stores

    If you live in the original PH lamp country, then it is easier to get such stores in your town. It is also common to get the stores at different places all over the world selling the designers products, and the designer line endorses them. One benefit of visiting such a store is that you can see the lamps physically and feel the quality. They usually stock variety at relatively the recommended price. Some of them offer delivery at nearby destinations.

    From authorized dealers

    Some dealers are authorized to carry out the purchasing procedures for interested clients. Such agents will require the buyers to pre-order and then deliver after specified or agreed period. The agents are better as they can offer advisory depending on where you want to install the lamp. When they gather enough orders, they proceed to get them at discounted prices for their clients. Such agents can be found all over the world and are usually reliable as long as you have identified the right one.



    Buying such authentic and famous piece of a lamp for your house is a good idea. Getting the right pieces is even a better idea and it all starts by knowing the right place to purchase. Buy from the above places as advised places and enjoy the good feeling.…

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