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    Will Electric Cars Come Into The Mainstream?

    By / September 19, 2015

    Are you wondering will electric cars come into the mainstream? Well, you are not the only one, there are several others who are debating the same question. These include the car makers, the advocates, the policy makers and more. Depending on the person you ask the question, the answers can either range from imminently to a simple, never.

    If you have a closer look at the past consumers, it gives you an indication that electric cars might remain in a small Electric Car 01niche for a certain period, but will surely expand its popularity. According to a popular website, even refrigerators and computers became a necessary household item quite rapidly. If seen in the same light, electric cars might also become mainstream. In fact, the moment when these cars can become a necessity is approaching fast.

    Again, the products need to be affordable for the majority of people to use and to capture the attention to forget the niche status. This is exactly where the electric cars come in as these will help people save a lot of money. Apart from this, electricity is also cheaper than gasoline. But to make these cars reach the common masses, first the cost of batteries need to drop.

    According to the analysts, electric cars will also become affordable including internal combustion when its battery prices drop down to $150 to $100 every kilowatt hour. However, if you take a closer look, the cost of electric cars drops by about 75 percent having relatively low maintenance costs.

    Electric Car 02Having been able to get the maximum benefit of running low-cost electric cars will eventually draw people’s attention to these cars. But that’s not all; there are several issues that might come in the way of these cars to become popular. These include the long charging times of these cars, the necessity of building up charging infrastructure as well as the availability of limited models.

    Will electric cars come into the mainstream? You simply cannot leave everything on time; it is the car manufacturers who can make it happen. Above all, strict emission standards in major car markets will also make automakers shift towards electric cars and manufacture these in the coming years. But leaving things to just manufacturing the cars won’t do, the automakers also need to go beyond their ways to try and convince consumers to buy more and more electric cars. Only when the people are convinced, the mission of bringing electric cars into the scene can be achieved.…

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