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    Top Reasons To Invest In Self-Directed IRAs

    By / March 17, 2016

    The majority of financial advisors will advise you to invest your money in stocks, bonds, money market accounts, life insurance, and diversify the retirement portfolio. Unfortunately, this is the worst advice you can ever get, and the public has been duped by large investment companies and banks for many years. Most of these advisors working for such companies have limited to no training.

    Therefore, you can open IRA, Roth IRA, and 401k investments. The following are top reasons for self-directing investment options with a self direct IRA 1your retirement, rather than leaving it to large companies that are just stealing your money in fees.

    This is a retirement account that helps you protect retirement. You need to have control over your retirement investing. Therefore, you should educate yourself on the alternative investment options without losing your purchasing power. If you invest in stocks, your investments are likely to lose about 40% during major economic problems that are experienced during massive inflation. Therefore, there is a need to invest in assets, which yield high returns.

    Self-directed custodians
    Custodians have fee structures, which do not deplete your returns completely like retirement companies and traditional IRA. In this case, you have much smaller transaction fees than the annual fees. Therefore, you have ways to cut down on the fees. You will keep the returns and interest you make. You are not paying them back in the form of fees that can considerably hinder retirement growth.

    Build your retirement faster
    It is possible to build your retirement even at 1000% through these plans. If you invest your money in mutual funds and investment options with a self direct IRA 3stocks, you will only enjoy historical averages at about 10%. However, taking inflation into consideration, the expected returns are low.

    When you self-direct your retirement account, you have the power to control your investments. On the other hand, when you invest in traditional investments, you do not have control over the assets in your account. Moreover, these new plans give you the power to structure your investments to ensure residual cash flow. Nowadays, you can buy discounted real estate property inside your account. Remember that you are building your retirement tax-free.

    Tax-free investing
    This is one of the main benefits you enjoy when you invest in self-directed IRA. There are no capital gains taxes nor taxation on rental income. Compounding the interest rates makes your retirement portfolio grow at an amazing pace.…

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