Tips On How To Potty Train A Boy At Age 3

It is fun going through with your child through all the stages of development. Among the major stages in the development of a child is potty training. A majority of the children usually begin potty training at three years unless they have special needs then they may take longer to begin. However, most children will not be able to master their bowel movements until they are four years old. How to potty train a boy at age 3 is what most parents wonder. Here are tips to help you train your young one.


gshgasa67sahgasThe parent should choose a week or period when they can fully be devoted to doing potty training. Do not do this during a period when one is stressed or do not have adequate time. This is a skill which requires practice to make perfect so the more the time, the more the child will learn and master it.

Sit the child on the potty

Do not ask the child whether they want to pee or to sit on the potty because in most cases they will not do it. Sit the child on the potty and let him stay on it for at least five minutes or for how long one will deem reasonable.

Choice of underwear when considering how to potty train a boy at age 3

The kind of underwear to consider is the one that is easy to get on and off. One may consider doing potty training when the boy does not have any underwear at all. However, this may lead to some accidents so one should be prepared to do the cleaning. These accidents do not mean that the child has failed in learning.

Help the boy relax

Most children will be tensed while on the potty. One can help them relax by singing a song to encourage them to pee or poop.

Rewarding any success

hhgsasa6ashgasRewarding the boy for any successful potties will encourage them. Praise the boy and he will feel encouraged to continue working on it. One can use colorful stickers as rewards. They should not be rewarded when they pee only but also for the time they sit on it successfully.

One is also encouraged to continue using diapers at night or when traveling for long distances. With these tips on how to potty train a boy at age 3, it makes the training fun, and your kid will learn quickly and easily. Click on potty training boys age 3 for more information.

Written by Rickey Barney

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